Transforming Data

Data Origin

This data was obtained from the author Jahaidul Islam through the site Kaggle. Kaggle is an online community of data scientists and machine learning engineers, allowing users to find data sets they want.

Infectious Disease 2001-2014 has been viewed 3332 times and downloaded 583 times.

Data Transformation

To clean this data for a E. Coli, Bayesian Fitted Model , I selected variables I was most likely to employ

Disease Count Year Sex
  • Since this model focused on E. Coli, I filtered the data set so only instances with E. Coli were included in the data set.
  • This model did not need any filtering with the variable count.
  • To make it easier to understand, the data set was filtered by year.
  • In the Sex Column, this data set also included a variable named Total. Total was the sum of the count for males and females.

  • I removed this to avoid confusion when making a fitted model and plot.